How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete

It can be tricky to remove oil stains from concrete. If your driveway looks stained and dirty, it can be embarrassing and even lower your property value. If you’ve tried everything on those stubborn stains and still haven’t had any luck, read on for some simple steps to remove oil stains from concrete and make your driveway look good as new!

How are you going to remove oil stains from concrete the easy way or the hard labor intensive way?

The first step to removing oil stains from concrete is to use a rag or paper tower to remove any oil on the surface of the driveway that’s still wet. Note that you should not use your hose to wash away the oil, because it will end up in a storm drain and eventually flow back into natural water supplies, which is bad for the environment!

After you’ve washed away the surface oil so that only dry oil stains remain, here are a few driveway cleaning solutions to try:

Cat Litter

Cat litter is highly absorbent by design, so it’s a great option for removing oil stains. Simply get the stain wet, put cat litter on the  oil stain, and rub it in with the bottom of your shoe. Let it sit for an hour or two, then just sweep it away. Repeat several times for best results.


Get a bottle of generic brand cola from the store and apply it directly to the stain. Use a hand brush to scrub the stain hard for several minutes. Reapply cola as necessary.

Peat Moss

Get some peat moss from the hardware store. Then, simply place the peat moss over the stain and roll it back and forth. After enough rubbing and rolling, the stain should show signs of improvement.


Liquid Laundry Soap

Get some liquid laundry soap from your grocery store and apply generously to the affected area. Add a fourth of a cup of water on top of the soap,  then scrub with an old broom or brush for several minutes. Use a hose to spray away the soap, then repeat the process.


Dry Concrete cleaner product

Terminator HSD Concrete cleaner

Dry Concrete cleaner results

There are new environmentally friendly concrete cleaning products on the market that will take care of all of the oil stains old dry stains and fresh wet oil stains.  They are easy to use and take no scrubbing.  They will even remove the fresh oil from the concrete, so you don’t need to wipe it up.  Bioremediation is the best way to remove oil stains from concrete.

Most of the common ways to remove oil stains from the driveway all seem to have you repeating the process multiple times, and scrubbing hard for a long period of time.  The exception the that rule is the dry concrete cleaner.  Driveway cleaning products come in a large variety of strengths and prices.  We have found one that works great and is still does not break the bank.

These are some simple home solutions to remove oil stains from concrete. If you follow all of these suggestions, your driveway is sure to look good as new! In the future, make sure to get any oil leaks patched up right away to avoid staining your driveway again. This will also save you money on engine oil! Now go enjoy your clean, stain free driveway!